Wednesday, 20 August 2014

GUCH and Pregnancy SpR Training

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Over the last couple of years the GUCH and Pregnancy training day has been one of the most successful and subscribed ones. This year it will take place at the usual British Racing School in Newmarket.

Further information and registration can be found at:

Topics will include:

Transposition Complexes – TGA – atrial switch, arterial switch natural and unnatural history - ccTGA  
Echocardiographic assessment of transposition complexes 
Device therapy in GUCH patients
Pre pregnancy assessment in acquired and congenital heart disease 
Anaesthetic management of delivery in patients with heart disease – what the anaesthetist needs to know from the cardiologist 
TTE and TOE assessment of secundum ASD – how to assess, who needs closing and who doesn’t; device or surgical closure 
Syndromes in GUCH  and associated heart defects– 22q11 deletion, Turner, Noonan, Trisomy 21, Alagille  Coarcatation of the Aorta – surveillance assessment (e.g. Amb BP, exercise testing, MRA, CT aorta) – comorbidities e.g. bicuspid aortic valve, coronary artery diease
Peripartum Cardiomyopathy  

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