Wednesday, 11 October 2017

EP Training Day

EP Training Day - Friday 10th November 2017

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EoE Deanery SpR Training Day
                                 EP Training Day
The British Racing School, Snailwell Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7NU
Friday 10th November 2017
Course Facilitators  
Dr. Simon Fynn and Dr. Greg Mellor

Registration:   08:45-09:15

Morning Sessions 1 – Introduction to EP

09:15-09:30     Introduction to EOE Training Days
Dr Vass Vassiliou (Papworth Hospital)

09:30-10:00     Intracardiac electrograms

Dr Greg Mellor (Papworth Hospital)


                                                                           10:00-10:30     3D Mapping
Mr James Mason (Papworth Hospital)
10:30-11:00     Biophysics of ablation
Sharad Aggarwal

11:00-11:30     Coffee


Morning Session 2 – SVT in the EP Lab

(Dr Simon Fynn)


11:30-12:00     AVNRT

Dr Simon Fynn (Papworth Hospital)


12:00-12:30     AVRT
Dr Simon Fynn (Papworth Hospital)

12:30-13:00     Atrial tachycardia
Dr Simon Fynn (Papworth Hospital)

13:00-14:00     Lunch

Afternoon Session 1 – Cases


14:00-14:30     with Jorge Panizio


14:15-15:00     EP SpR                                                                                              

Afternoon Session 2 – ECG Quiz

15:00-16:00     ECG Quiz

Dr Simon Fynn (Papworth Hospital)


16:00-16:15     Close and feedback


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