Friday, 11 May 2018

NEXT Training Day on 15th JUNE 2018
at the British Racing School in Newmarket

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Topics to be covered:

Current guidelines on heart failure management
What is new in heart failure research
HFpEF- general update
My HF patient is pregnant
Renal dysfunction in the heart failure patient
Can revascularisation help in HF
Heart failure in the ED
Heart failure in the ICU
Transplantation and long term mechanical support
Holistic and palliative care in HF 


June 4th 2018- BCS Annual Conference, the first day (Monday) of the conference is a national training day and all the hospitals in the EoE have agreed to treat it similarly to the local training days... ie anyone apart from on call can be released if they wish to go to Manchester

Sept 2018- tbc... simulation course in Basildon- further info will be added when available

Oct 30th and 31st 2018- Cadaveric simulation in Cambridge. Same course run twice to facilitate attendance. Please inform clinic coordinators now (especially if you are moving hospital in August please!) 

Thank you to all the trainees who attended a very successful training day on Interventional Cardiology on May 11th 2018   

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